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i am doing an assignment on correctional nursing. i am supposed to find out how you brave souls cope with caring for the scum of the earth everyday. do you cop heaps of flak for caring for serial killers and rapists and stuff. any help would be appreciated.please note the date of this post. i am sure that the assignment is long been submitted


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Stinkin! Correctional Nursing has its own BB, use the drop down menu and try posting your question on thier BB. Folks here are really helpful. Bet you get tons of responses.

Good Luck



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I am a learning disabilities nurse and work in a unit that caters for sex offenders who also have a learning disability. It is important to remember that that they are not only confined for public safety but also for correctional reasons. Clients in our unit are all male but most staff are female. These clients attend psychology and other specialists whilst in our care and it is important to remember that they are human, and it is also extremely important for us to try to re-educate them and teach them how to interact appropriately with the female and child members of the human race. For some this may never be possible, but we must make the effort as they may not remain locked up ever.

It is also interesting that many themselves were victims of sexual abuse. Therefor caring for these ofenders can be difficult and emotionally draining.


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first thing is realizing that your job, as a nurse, is the same in this area of nursing as any other. next is to remember, judge not lest you be judged. third might be to access only the medical record not the criminal record. I've done some prison nursing. I've been acutely aware of nurses who apparently feel it is their duty to punish those they are there to provide care to. In nursing a very important part or our ethical code is to treat everyone equally by providing the very best care we are capable of giving. Serving time in prison means that the individual has been tried and convicted of something and is serving out a sentence as prescribed by law. Every nurse should be able to provide quality nursing care to anyone they are charged with caring for no matter the setting . If you can't; get out, either of the setting or nursing altogether.

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