contracts, agreements and paper work


:D i am beginning to feel somewhat like a seasoned traveler, however maybe it is cause of my age. lol. :chair:

as i have worked with different travel companies, i am beginning to find that i don't want to sign some of the things that are in the traveler agreements and in the contract itself. i have found, that most companies are pretty open to making changes if you aren't comfortable with the conditions of the contracts and agreements.

i would like to begin a thread of travel nurses input on contractual items that they don't want to sign. :yeah:

i will begin with one thing. this isn't in the actual contract, but it is pertaining to getting paperwork ready. i have found some companies want to check your consumer credit report. i feel strongly that is a very private matter. i have good credit, but i don't want everyone snooping into it and possibly lowering my scores by their inquires. i know have my own sheet i created giving permission to request information, back ground checks etc. on the things i believe are pertinent to my job :rolleyes:

i have had changed a number of things in agreements, contracts and paperwork. do any of you have contract and agreement issues? :confused:

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