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Continuing education???

Hello people! I love this forum! What a godsend for us all.

Im a 3rd year student, very interested in a career in the OR. One thing which makes me doubt my decision is that I feel like there mightn't a future academically - for instance, if I chose psychiatric nursing (my 2nd choice) I would be able to continue my education, with a view to becoming a nurse practitioner or something... (I hated med/surg & wont be going there ever). My question is, have any OR nurses out there gained their masters & in what? What about a PhD? Is there a financial or career-path benefit to gaining further education when you work in the OR? Id especially be interested in an Australian perspective, as thats where Im headed for my new grad year. Im still leaning towards OR nursing because I figure its easier to travel the world with OR experience than psychiatric nursing - and I plan to travel!

I would really appreciate some insight. Thanks ppl.

Hello? Are OR nurses not that interested in further education? Would be nice to hear from an OR nurse with post graduate education, etc... & your thoughts on the above...

Why hello!

I am an OR nurse, origianlly a diploma graduate (hospital school of nursing). Went back to school a few years ago for a BSN & MSN so that I would have more career options (I was working as a staff nurse at the time). I now work as an educator in the OR, so there were different career and money advantages for me.

It really depends on where you work. Most places in the US prefer or require a bachelors for a managment or educator postion. My impression is that it is basically the larger hospitals and academic medical centers that require a masters.

I'm sorry, I don't know anything about education preferences/requirements "Down Under".


I am also an OR nurse (hepatobiliary and liver transplantation) and am about to accept an offer to become Clinical Nurse Educator in my OR. I originally had AD, went back to school for BSN and am now in grad school. I've worked in my unit (university setting) for a long time and am ready for a change.

How do you like education? What can you tell me about it (pros and cons)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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