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Hi all~

I posted this question under the specialty I want to go into, but I have a feeling that living in Wisconsin, the WI nurses would know a little better for this area.....

I am waiting to get into the nursing program....there are 7 people ahead of me for the fall semester. So, unless there is some miracle, I will have another year before starting the program. The problem is, for Fall 09 I'll have Fund and Pharm along with A & P 2 and then only Micro for spring. Arg. I don't want to waste this time doing just these classes, and I'm not interested in taking courses toward my BSN. We live in a smaller town where ADN vs BSN doesn't matter as far as jobs, and my husband owns a business here-so needless to say, we won't be moving. My big brainy idea is to take some classes online that are considered to be continuing education for those who are already RN's . I found a site that had the option of putting your license # in to get credit for the hours, but you didn't have to. According to this site, after you complete the class, you get a certificate for the course. I thought that if I had some specialized education, it may help me to get the job in the specialty that I want (OB). Any suggestions for sites such as these that you may have used??? Any thoughts?????

Thanks in advance!!!!:redbeathe


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