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Continue to de-skill??!!!

mfcheong mfcheong (New) New

As a qualified CTVS nurse, i have received a proper training and credentialed in performing certain skill/ task that as a CTVS nurse should know, which it was not a "medical dominant task".......Somehow, in this organization that i just enrolled, i was told not to do it just because " none of the nurses are allow to do this task because of they are not competent " (as stated by the unit manager).

So do i really need to suppress myself to suit the current practice and continue to de-skill? That sound demoralised, isn't it? What is your opinion??:confused:

To remain competent, a unit must perform certain task on a regular basis and have skilled training periodically. I think maybe you de-skilled yourself by accepting a position in a unit that is not as aggressive as the one you were trained in. Also, sometimes the physicians staffing your unit may not be competent to managing certain patients, ex. swan ganz cath or IABP, therefore, they don't order those medical mgts and send those patients to larger institutions or more intense units within the institution. This is were I would seek new employment, if you choose to keep your skills.


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