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Considering Navy nursing? Questions . . .

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I am considering applying to the NCP. I already have my BSN but I have not worked in almost 2 years (I have 4 months acute care peds experience). I havent worked because my husband is a submarine officer and we have small children. Once he is released from his current command (in about 18 months) I would like to go to OIS and start the process. Once he is on shore duty and my oldest is in school it will be a lot easier to schedule things and work. I have a few questions to help me clarify things OR can someone direct me to information?

1. Is getting accepted by NCP competitive? Will my lack of experience and time away from the workforce be a hindrance? Will they train me back into being a nurse? (BTW I have a current, active license)

2. Where are the training commands? My hubby can go many places for shore duty but only limited number of bases have subs. If he stays in past his shore duty then we could probably only go to Hawaii, San Diego, or Groton, CT for his next sea duty.

3. Has anyone done navy nursing with a spouse also in the military? Will they be willing to move me from a command earlier then normal to follow my husband to his next duty station? I would be able to do about 2 years right after OIS but then my hubby would change commands and might have to move.

4. How are they with scheduling at the hospitals? Can you get all day shifts? How do weekend shifts work?

5. I've heard of some people going straight in as an O2. What sort of qualifications do you need to get in straight as an O2?

6. I am interested in getting my masters either as a Nurse Practioniner (Sp?) or as a Physician's Assistant? How soon could I apply for these programs? Are they really competitive?

7. What is the best way to get a hold of the right person to talk to about the NCP?

8. Lastly, how long did it take you get accepted, get order for OIS, etc. I need to know so I can try to coordinate all this with my husband's release from his current command and deployment schedule.

Thanks so much for any advice.


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