Considering Home Health?


Hey everyone, this is my first post here.

I'm have been an LPN for four years. Mostly worked in private offices or surgical centers, but have been working at a LTC for about 3 months now. The pay is better than offices, but the environment is horrible.

I worked double last night because we are so horribly short on nurses, and the CNAs get away with pretty much anything because they don't have enough staff to replace them.

I am worried for my sanity and license working in this environment, and I've heard many of the other facilities around me are similar.

I am applying to a transitional residency program with a hospital near by, in hopes to get my RN by 2019. I wont know if I am one of the lucky 10 students until December, but if chosen I would be in classes M-F from 7am-3pm. I would have to manage all of my work into the weekends to continue supporting myself and my kids. This would mean working doubles (16 hours) back to back at this facility, or going else where.

A co-worker of mine suggested that I look into doing home healthcare with an agency like visiting nurses association, ready nurse, etc. I have never done home healthcare and would like some advice or opinions from those who have tried it.

Going into people's homes, being alone with residents and families, makes me very nervous. Is this something I should consider doing to get through school, or is home health a bad idea?

Thanks all for your assistance in advance.