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Considering BSN, have masters in PR

Hi everyone,

Just looking for some career advice. I'm considering going through a BSN program, but all the talk around here has me concerned. I'm in the Dallas, TX area and I'm reading that a lot of new grads can't find jobs without experience...which you obviously can't get as a new grad. Regardless of whether I do the BSN, I will be pursuing something in health after taking science prerequisites because I have such a passion for it. I study anatomy and physiology books for fun- feel free to laugh.


1. Would it be smarter to spend 1-2 yrs volunteering while doing my prerequisites part-time to see if I really want to do nursing? Can I get a good idea volunteering; and if so, what area do I volunteer in to get the best feel for it? I have a full-time job that is very flexible so I won't be giving that up to pursue any of this. Also, would any of that volunteer work, or experience as a tech in an urgent care setting (potential part-time job for me right now) be considered helpful when you apply for these RN jobs as a new grad?

2. If I'm open to a master's in public health or something else similar, would that be better than getting a BSN? It seems like the BSN would come in handy with my master's in public relations because of the opportunities in corporate wellness, community wellness, etc. Many of the jobs outside of a hospital that I've looked at need someone with my communications background but want an RN.

I realize being an RN in a hospital is completely different than the public health side, but I'm interested in both and would just like some feedback on this and the job market in Dallas.

Thanks in advance!


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