Considering agency per diem work locally. What do I need to know/expect?

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I'm considering working per diem for NCStaffing (a local and travel nurse staffing agency). The pay is good and you get paid that same or next day it seems. There are some extra shifts available to me at my work but not always as I need them and I have to wait to get paid. So what should I know before I sign up and what can I expect? I will still be working my weekender position and I really just want 1-2 shifts a month. I've been a RN for two years, have ACLS too.


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You can expect to get put on call and not get paid at all, if census is low...and without much warning, too. Such is the plight of per diem agency work.


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LOL ok, well any other advice? I'm mainly looking for 1-2 shifts a month so I'm not looking for this to be a steady stream of needed income, just a supplement to give me a little "single mom with two kids" cushion money.

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