Who is accepted at GWCC for fall 2012 or spring 2013? - page 5

Hi, Just wanted to start a thread for all of the people accepted to Gateway Community College, Connecticut for the fall 2012 or spring 2013! Introduce yourself!... Read More

  1. by   abuice
    Hesi PN?
  2. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Yes its exam for LPNs prior to 3rd block. Did you take exam? Its listed on paper that was given to me last week.
  3. by   abuice
    Is this for Gateway in Connecticut? We have to complete the bridge program.
  4. by   GonnaBNurseLana
    I cant find anything online, and cant get anyone to answer the phone. Im already accepted to the school and have all my pre-reqs and a health science degree, but need to take the TEAS V. What scores are needed for the TEAS? Both individual and composite? PLease answer
  5. by   GonnaBNurseLana
    Oh, For the LPN Program