Registered Nurse and BSN Jobs Available!

  1. If you are looking for job, there's a bunch to consider. I've helped friends get jobs, and this is how:

    1. Did you consider relocating as an option?

    If you consider relocating, you may qualify to get perks BEYOND what can
    be offered.
    2. Government Registered Nursing Jobs are AVAILABLE

    Perhaps you are searching too deep into the "private sector."
    3. Want to get experience to start working right away? Is one weekend
    a month beyond you?

    The US Airforce Reserve or Air Guard are a cakewalk. You meet one
    weekend a month, and tally up experience. To top it off, with a BSN, you
    can become an officer in the Medical Corps! (How good does it look to say you are a Lieutenant on the side?) If you are interested, check out
    Air Force Reserve : Living Locally, Serving Globally
    4. How good is your search?

    If you want to look for an RN job, ask yourself a few questions. The first question, did I use keywords such as "hospice nurse?" There are usually openings, grab some experience! The longer time goes by, the harder it will be to get anything else!
    5. Too much up front?

    Start working per diem or part time! If you can't get anything full time, start applying for those jobs. Eventually, the place you are working may have an opening.. and would you be considered? ABSOLUTELY!!
    (BTW, $300 is better than $0!)
    6. Job Placement....

    Did you already visit your local Department of Labor office? They speak with companies directly.. and get openings for their database. Bring your resume' and tell them you need work!

    One other thing.. temp agencies might have jobs as well!
    Please understand that there is a "nursing shortage" but yet.. there are no jobs posted. THIS IS BECAUSE ALL OF THESE "middle man" COMPANIES ARE CONTRACTING THEM!!! Start getting to those MIDDLE-MAN COMPANIES NOW!
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