Points for January 2019 Nursing Program at Goodwin College

  1. Ahhhhhh. It is so hard to wait! How many points did everyone apply with this semester? Any idea what the cut off is going to be? Best of luck to everyone! Hope to see you in class this winter!
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  3. by   megmartin413
    It's the worst! I have 18 points so I am anxious!
  4. by   Cahrue
    I am also sitting here very anxiously with 18 points!
  5. by   Heatblan87
    I applied with 16 points. I scored an 85 it my TEAS (which I was stoked about), but my GPA was .04 points away from getting into the 3 points category, I have a 3.44. I'm hoping I make it in, but I know that 16 points can be a hit or miss. Good luck everyone!
  6. by   RRNURSE1221
    Anyone have any idea on when we will be finding out?
  7. by   Cahrue
    I would like to know this as well. Hopefully by mid October right??
  8. by   megmartin413
    Registration is on 10/22 so I would assume it would be this week or next. Last fall people were posting on 10/15 that they received letters. How are we supposed to make advising appointments when this is up in the air? UGGGGGGHHHHHHH
  9. by   Cahrue
    Ha it just adds to the fun of the wait.
  10. by   RRNURSE1221
    I emailed my advisor and she said that we will know in the next couple of weeks....I wonder how many people applied.
  11. by   LvtheBeach
    Are there any other forums where people are posting about the upcoming semester? Give me something else to read?
  12. by   megmartin413
    Not that I found. I am neurotic so I am looking at the registration calendars from past semesters and comparing them to older forums. Seems to be consistent that decision letters were received about 1 week prior to the select admissions registration date.
  13. by   LvtheBeach
    I'm definitely being obsessive over this. I should be studying for microbiology! Instead I'm checking too
  14. by   megmartin413
    What gives? This is agonizing. My advisement appointment is Tuesday. How am I supposed to prepare for that?