Help me choose an RN program!!

  1. Right now I'm looking into the following programs: Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing, St. Vincents, Naugatuk Valley CC, and Goodwin College. I'm seriously about to lose my mind trying to figure this out and application deadlines are looming! Please help me figure this out, I would love information about any of the programs I am considering...Here is my situation:

    I live in Farmington and I would prefer to not have to commute 20 gazillion miles but if the program is worth it I will!

    I have a semester of LPN school under my belt that I got all A's in, but I'm guessing those credits will not transfer anywhere since it was a tech school (am I right?)

    Right now, I'm not parents have been incredibly amazing enough to let me and my daughter move back in with them to pursue my education, so I can commit myself full time to a program if need be, and I want to get it done as quickly as possible so I can get out of their hair!

    Other than my LPN semester, I have a few CC credits, and none of them are anything to write home about...Nothing failing, just a couple C's...should I take those over again to increase my chances of getting in? Is there anything else I could do to improve my chances, like write an essay or something?

    I live within 5 minutes of Tunxis Community College so I would prefer to take most of my pre-reqs there-will they be accepted by these schools?

    Which would be the best option in my situation? My main objective is to start nursing school as soon as possible, and not take endless pre-reqs if I can avoid that...does anyone know if the pre-reqs are the same for all of these, or are some of them more than others?

    Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   soontobe2011
    At this point in the game, I would probably finish the LPN, and then most any job you get will pay for you to get your RN, and if you don't wanna go the job route, still could finish your LPN then you do a one year Bridge program and you'll have your RN in the same amount of time. the community colleges and BHSN both have deadlines of Feb 1st (or just before that) I also think the admission rate is a bit higher for people that are already LPN's?? ( I could be wrong but thats the impression I get.)

    As far as prereq's they seem to care most about grades in AP1 / Basic Algebra / and maybe Chem. I did get into 2 programs with a 2 or 3 C's, one of which was a a C+ in AP1, but I followed that up with an A in AP2 and Micro. Personally I think the TEAS weighs heavier, as I know a couple students that had way better grades than I but did poorly on the TEAS and still did not get in. Also I think it helped that I had all my prereq's and co-req's done, so in nursing school those are the only classes I will have to do, so maybe they feel my chances of success are higher since I'll be able to focus (?) just a guess.

    I have heard good things about all the programs so I agree its a tough choice. I asked the same question to start with and so far, most everyone advised me to stick as close to home as possible, especially with a child afoot. The program will take alot as it is, the closer you are to home the better for balancing your family and the need to focus on your studies.

    Good Luck!! and thanks be for great parents!!!!