1. So I've been a nurse since 2009 and I've been at my same job for 2 and a half years at a short term rehab facility. I love working with my patients and I like my co-workers and everything, but I just feel like I'm stagnating. I took my current job 2 months after graduating after not finding any hospital jobs. I had a student internship at Yale New Haven Hospital, but they had a hiring freeze when I graduated. Sometimes when people find out what my credentials are, they ask me why I'm at my job and not in a hospital. I have applied to just about every hospital within driving distance of me at least once, if not twice. I've gone on interviews, but no offers. I have my BSN and I eventually wanted to get my APRN, but I wanted hospital experience first.

    I'm just so discouraged that I don't even know if I want to do nursing anymore let alone progress to an APRN. I don't think I can face anymore rejection. I know I'm good at my job, I love my patients and I genuinely care about people. It just kills me to think that there are some nurses in hospitals that hate their jobs.

    My question is: do I keep applying to hospitals? When do I raise a white flag and determine that hospital nursing/APRN just isn't for me?
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  3. by   mssjez
    Keep applying! Never give up on something you love!! One thing to consider as an "in" may be to apply for some per diem or float positions and then being able to apply internally for a full-time job. Also if you know anyone working at a hospital who is in the position to mention you to department managers, those connections can be very beneficial with getting past the automated application system. Good luck!
  4. by   knittygrittyRN
    To be fair there are plenty of nurses on here with a lot more experience than you that are also looking for jobs. It's the economy right now it's terrible and most places won't hire anyone. The job offers might be better if you had an APRN so if that is something you want to do I'd say look into it. Higher degrees are a lot harder to come by so it might be more beneficial to you.