1. Hi everyone!

    I have been accepted to both the Southern ACE and UConn CEIN accelerated nursing programs. I wanted to reach out to see if anyone had any advice on which school to choose. As of right now I am leaning more towards the ACE program as it starts at the end of this July and the CEIN program starts next January.

    Would love any and all feedback

    -Future Nurse
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  4. by   arasres3
    Hi, Sorry I am no help to your actual questions but have one of my own. I am applying to the 2018 summer cohort for the ACE. Im taking pre reqs now. If you don't mind me asking what were your grades like? I am so nervous and stressing myself out to get straight A's Im just curious what the acceptance rate is like.
  5. by   doodlegirl2013
    Hi @arasres3,

    Very exciting! So, I completed the pre-requisites for Southern as well as UConn. Here are my grades:

    A&P 1: A
    A&P 2: B+
    Chem 121: A
    Micro Biology: A
    Math Natural Sciences: A
    General Psyc: B
    Life Span: A
    Stats: B

    But, I also had (for the Uconn program....)
    In addition to the above pre-requisites:
    Genetics: A
    Research Methods: A
    General Bio: A

    For some of the other programs I applied to I also had to complete the TEAS test here is my score:
    overall 85.3%

    Neither of these programs factored in the TEAS test though. UConn's program also factors in letters of recommendation, a resume, and 5 different essays. Southern's program factors in a 500 word statement in response to a video.
  6. by   arasres3
    Thank you!! This is really helpful! Good luck with the program