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  1. So I'm looking for advice , input , or personal experiences from those who are either nursing majors or currently in a nursing program ( in Connecticut preferably one of the CT-CCNP ) Just to give you a little background on myself I attend Naugatuck Valley Community College and I am applying for the nursing program this fall 2017 and should hopefully receive my acceptance letter in April 2018 . My GPA is a 3.86 , I scored 70% on my teas , and received an A- in A&P I . I'm a little concerned about my teas score because I've heard that it needs to be a little higher to be considered for the nursing program due to the program being very competitive and it is worth 25% of my acceptance into the program ( GPA is worth 50% and A&P I grade is worth 25% ) So if anyone can comment their academic standing , did you get into the nursing progam , if so was it your first attempt , did you get put on the waiting list , etc . Please leave comments ! Thank you .
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  3. by   Laur318
    Retake the TEAS. Get the mometrix book called "ATI Secrets" and the ATI TEAS app on your phone. See where you are falling short and re-read that section of the mometrix book. The book also has practice exams.

    You don't have to re-submit your nursing application either, just send the new score over to the school. You can always call to confirm that they have updated your application.

    I didn't have THE BEST grades but I did very well on the TEAS and I got in to Norwalk. It helped me out a lot.