It IS a long, hard road, BUT at least now you are standing on the road and ready to travel on with a new life!!.....It is sooo hard to admit that you need the help, well at least it was for me :) .......You can do this you've already done the hardest part!!.....As Lemonhead said be very cautious if you have to deal with your BON, and, out of curiosity what state are you in?? (All of the states have their own programs for "impaired or recovering nurses" and they are all very different, some more punitive and some more of an advocate for the nurse in question).....Also I was wondering how your employer is handling this.......Well, hang in there and keep us posted...Don't hesitate to ask any questions, if we don't know the answer we can tell you where to find it......Congrats on the beginning of your new life!

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OOPS!......I actually meant to post this under the "stealing narcs" thread.........must have hit "new thread" by accident...

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