Confusion on Types of wound Certification


Anyone have any advice on finding the appropriate Wound certification course. It is very confusing given the different organizations, certifications, prices and requirements...

I am a RN with an Associates, I work in a LTC/SNF facility. Our 1 and only Wound care Certified Nurse left the facility and I was asked if I would like to work with the Wound MD who comes to our facility (Vohra wound MD) I took the Vohra wound certification course but it was very basic and not accredited. I would like more education if I am going to be working as "the wound Nurse" in my facility Although certification is not required in my facility, I would like to advance my knowledge base to go the job more effectively.

I want to be Wound care certified. Any suggestions? I know I am limited due to not having a BSN

Any advice will be helpful

Thanks, Bea



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I work for the VHA in wound care. We have both WCC Wound Care Certified (wound care educators) and WCN, WCON certified nurses Both are magnet approved and I believe Accepted in all nursing organizations. Magnet is the big one that the government likes. WCN has a WTA-C program that my work paid for. It is an entry level certification and is very good. It does not allow debridements with sharps etc. That would require a BSN and more training such as WOCN. Plus would depend on your state scope of practice. I see PT/ OT practicing with WCC in outpatient clinics as well. WCC is something an ADN, LPN, PT/OT can do. I think it would greatly depend on what degree you have, and what is desired in your area. Scope of practice is the same but dictated more on your states requirements. I work under WOCN, MD, NP and report to them directly. I also coordinate care with Podiatry and Vascular MD.