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I am so confused over what to do! I go for a nursing session at my community college and I will be getting a lot of info about the adn program there. I am starting my pre-req and plan to do my pre-req and gen eds.

But now after researching I want my bsn! But i have two small children so i figure I can take my time doing my pre-req and my general education courses to get good grades and also spend time with my kids until my oldest will go to school which is in 2013 so Im in no hurry! I rather be in my nursing program while they are in school rather having to deal with finding my mom or my sisters or my husband to watch them its stressful. But i am confused with a bsn program here in chicago. Its north park unv. but I guess I can only do 1 general education course then do the rest there. I guess how bsn programs work the first two years are the gen eds? I'm I right? then the last two are nursing? what about the accelerated bsn programs. they have that either you have a degree already or you finish all courses with a b. Sorry for just rambling on and on, Im just confused lol. I want my bsn because I dont want to be a bedside nurse forever, but then I see nurse supervisor and etc, who just have their adn. So any infoooo will help :typing:rolleyes:


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I have been in practice for over 23 yrs and went to a Diploma program in Phila, Pa-have never gotten a degree BSN or otherwise. If you can get into the ADN program go for it, get your education, pass boards and start working. There are multiple RN to BSN programs you can do online etc or go to school part-time, there are hospitals out there connected schools that offer BSN programs with as little as one day a week. flaerman

PS: I spent a year as an Administrative House Supervisor in an acute care hospital in FL with only my experience and my diploma in nursing!!!! Good Luck!!!!!:)

Specializes in No exp. yet but I wanna be a L & D nurse.

thanks so much for your input!

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