Confused...after passing test. What to do?

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Hello, everyone

It sounds dumb, but I'm confused what I need to do after passing NP test. (I passed my test last week!)

I'm in Boston, so it can be different other states, but your tip would be really helpful to me.

I don't have a NP job, yet, which means I can't apply for prescriptive authority, but I can apply for NPI number ??

I have to submit certification to PCS to get approved by state ???

This's all I I miss so many things?:confused:

Please help me out!

Thank you in advance.

Have a good one~

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You have to have an NP license number in order to apply for an NPI number. In my state, I had to have my test results sent directly to my state's BON in addition to the license application I had to download from the BON Web site in order to receive my NP license. I took the ANCC exam, so you can go through their Web site to have the results sent directly to your BON. I also didn't apply for my NPI number until I had a job because it does ask for your practice location when you apply. You get assigned the number within a matter of an hour or so of completing the online application - so no need to get it before you find a job.

Hope this helps!

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