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Confused new grad, any advice is appreciated!

Hi, I recently graduated and passed boards with an associate RN degree. I am confused on what to do when it comes to accepting a nursing position. I want to work in the hospital very badly but it is very competitive right now. Cardiac is my dream job! I have applied to about 30-40 positions and I still have not gotten an interview (I live near Mayo Clinic where there are tons of nursing positions). I called nursing placement and they just keep telling me to be patient and that all of the BSN grads and internal applicants are likely to get hired before me. Recently I did get an offer to start working at a nursing home in town. Should I take it and keep applying to the hospital? I have a one year old to support so I really can't wait around too long without a decent paying job. I am torn because I keep reading on this site that if you take a nursing home job you are going to end up stuck there. I am not sure why people keep saying that. Isn't some experience better than none? If I don't take the nursing home job the other option would be to go back to the lab I worked in at the hospital (also have a BS in biology), which would include having to sign a two year contract, and then work on finishing my BSN. I could then apply for an internal transfer after my two year contract with the lab was up. I really don't want to go two whole years without working with my nursing degree though. What do you all think? What would you do? I would appreciate any feedback!! Thanks so much!

Signed, confused and frustrated new grad


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If by Mayo you are in the Rochester, MN area you do have the option of going to WSU and get your BSN within a year. Take whatever job related to nursing you can now, then after getting your BSN you're considered a

"new grad" again I suppose if that's what you're worried about when you mentioned you don't want to get labled a LTC nurse

good luck to you!


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