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Confused on meeting criterion 2 of IQNM

by ingnam ingnam (New) New

I am a registered nurse of Nepal with bachelors degree in nursing. I have applied for registration at AHPRA and submitted all the documents as asked. The template that is given in website for criterion 2 has been filled up from the education provider.

However, the email that AHPRA sent me recently ask for the evidence of accreditation ( copy of letter of accreditation) of education provider. Also, today i was called and said the document i submitted for criterion 2 was irrelevant. I am confused about who gives the accreditation if the education provider is university in itself.

Beside that, the nursing regulating body of Nepal has already sent mail telling my education was accredited but the CO says that would only support criterion 3 and not 2.

Could anyone please help me by telling what supports the criterion 2? Where can we possibly get the document?