Confuse RN needs better option, advice or idea


Hello everyone...Just wanna solicit some better options or advice. I am a 2009 Registered Nurse.

I was working as a casual staff nurse in a government hospital here in our place for almost a year. Then I was invited by my aunt to visit her abroad for 6 months and I said yes. I'm back home after 6 months,and obviously my job is gone. And the confusion started up until now. I am undecided on these things: whether to engage in volunteering again in different hospitals to continue my practice and for additional clinical experience, look for another paying job (e.g Contact Centers) as my parents were bugging me for not having a good paying job, or process my documents for registration abroad as my parents and aunt were also bugging me to process these things...I really cannot decide on what to do first.. Would I risk it to look for another job and halt my clinical experience? Should I continue and volunteer in other hospitals? Or should I process all my documents for registration abroad like (red ribbons, ielts and others)? I have a lot of "What IFs" in my mind right now..I know I have to decide, because time pass by so fast. So please anyone out there can make a decision for me and tell me your reasons for choosing that decision. Thank you a lot...


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It’s a known-fact nowadays that it’s really hard to get a clinical experience in the Phil. Most of the hospitals are on freeze hiring. Though there are lots of BPO companies hiring nurses, gaining your clinical experience first must be your priority (that is if your goal is really pursuing your nursing career). Try to be on volunteer work or somehow still find a hospital wherein you can develop your clinical skills. I’m quite regretful that you chose to have your vacation and left your casual work.

Meanwhile, while gaining more clinical experience, you can probably start processing your papers for work abroad in 1-2 years. It will be easier for you to apply for a job abroad if you have enough competency. Papers you need to process, and on when you will start processing will all depend on which country you’ll be applying.

Best of luck on your nursing career! J


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if you have a lot of money to spend well go volunteering and process your needed docs but if your in a crisis in terms of financial capability well look for a paying job the plan your next step. what happened to nurses that don't have extra cash mileage after passing the board exam is to find a paying job first.