Concurrent RN/BSN program at Pima

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Hi all, I've been reading many of the posts here and appreciate all the insight. I have my eyes set on Pima CC's ADN program as well as completing the BSN. My question is aside from a smaller course load, is there a reason it would be beneficial to just complete the ADN program, begin work, and then do an online BSN program afterwords? Or is it better either for job prospects or cost to do it together? Does the concurrent program reduce or increase my likelihood of getting accepted?

Thanks so much.

Pima grad here,

There are a portion of the spots designated for concurrent enrollment students, a portion for lpn-RN, and the majority is traditional. It all goes down to how many points you have compared with everyone else applying that round.

If you decide to just do the ADN, keep in mind that certain hospitals provide tuition reimbursement after working there for a while.

Nau has a program that let's you start working on your BSN in the 3rd semester. So if you change your mind and want to get started on it then, you'd be able to say in job interviews that your technically already working on the BSN.

Good luck!

That's really helpful, thanks!


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I can’t answer the specific question that you asked but I have also been wondering.

Did or are you planning to apply for the upcoming semester? I just submitted my application and I am so nervous.