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Hello! I'm currently attending Concorde career college in a different city than I normally live in.. I'm having some family emergencies in my hometown that may require me to move back. Unfortunately, we don't have a Concorde there but a Pioneer Pacific instead.

I'm wondering if anyone has successfully transferred from Concorde to Pioneer P before? I'm in my second term. I know credits won't transfer to a normal college but maybe they are transferable between these types of school.

Thanks in advance!

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call the school


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I posted in the evening on Friday or else I would have called first. Was just hoping there might be someone who knows from personal experience. I don't know about Pioneer but Concorde has been extremely shady from day one so if they're anything like my school, I wouldn't be surprised if I were lied to just to get me to transfer. Today I've just been playing phone tag. Oh well, I will find out soon enough.