Concorde Dallas RN Program - Acceptance?


First, let me begin by saying HELLO!! I've recently decided to join the site for assistance with my new journey - NURSING. I hope you guys can help me out. Here it is:

I've applied to Concorde Dallas for their nursing program, which begins in January. Before anyone adds in their comments about my choice of a technical school instead of a community college or university, this is not up for debate. There are many reasons why I have chosen to go this route and the financial cost is not a concern nor is finding a job afterwards. So with that being, here is the issue: I have passed the Wonderlic, and I have also taken the HESI A2 and passed with an 85. This past weekend, I went in to complete the application, paid the 100.00 application fee, tried on scrubs for sizing and spoke with financial aid... in which the adviser then reminded me that "IF" I'm selected (you know, from their top 40% of 100 applications based on HESI scores), I will then interview and from there I "MAY" be accepted. Can someone who has gone through their admission process help me understand? Question 1 - The minimum score is 75, in which I received an 85. My admission's adviser said that I "should" be competitive. Should I retake the exam? Question 2 - Has anyone not been accepted into their program, or if you have, can you please give me any details you can about the admissions process?