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Hi! Just started the LVN nursing program and prior to school starting and after I was accepted, I fractured my elbow. My instructor has told me I need a medical release from the doctor. I'm concerned that the ortho doc is not going to release me in time for clinicals. Would they drop from the program if I'm not released medically by a certain date? I've been wanting to go into nursing for a very long time and I'm a little worried as the elbow is still sore. Oh yeah, also just found out I have a hernia which my family doc did not seem too concerned about, but said it would require surgery once I finish school and told me to go to the ER if I start experiencing severe pain and unable to have a bowel movement.:confused:

Thank you!

Tell your ortho guy that you need clearance. Usually if you are clear and firm with your docs, they will respect it. Tell him why and reassure him you will take it easy on your joint. When you need to move, roll, whatever with your pt, GET OTHER STUDENTS TO HELP. Being a nurse is being part of a team. Its never too soon to start! The hernia really might not be such a big deal. He might just want to warn you that there is a small chance that you could have a loop of bowel get caught and it could become strangulated. I've never seen you, so I don't know what your hernia is about. Follow up with the doc and get worried when the stuff he warned you about starts to happen. And don't lift a whole lot of stuff. Lifting heavy objects probably isn't such a hot idea.

Thank you for the info. I went to the ortho doc yesterday and I told her I needed the release to be able to lift and I didn't want to be dropped from the program, that this very important to me and I can lift things, I have a 3 year old that weighs 40 lbs and granted I don't lift him all the time, but there are times I do on a daily basis. She seemed concerned about an area on the x-ray and sent me to get a ct scan and I have to go see a different doctor. She did tell me exactly what you just said. I am not so worried about the hernia(I'm thinking it has more to do with the c-sections I've had and weak muscles in the abdominal area) She didn't give me clearence, but I've got my fingers crossed that they will next week. Thank you for answering my question! I think I'm going to talk to one of the instructors today to find out just how much time I have left to get this done.

Thank you again:)

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