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I am a nurse from jordan

Recently we started computerized documentation (Vista CPRS) in my unit ( ped. Hem/Onc).

I noticed that this had slowed the work flow a lot and there some difficulties in checking orders.

My Question is for any one whom has experience in the electronic documentation, if you can give me some tips for making the work flow faster and more efficient

Thanks a lot

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I am not familiar with that computerized documentation program, but I have been involved in initiation of 2 different computerized documentation systems. I do not know who long you have been using your system, but there is not a shortcut to good documentation. I can promise that the longer you use the system, the easier and more efficiant it will become. It will be extremely frustrating at times. It will seem like there is no way you will ever catch up. In those times please focus on the safety aspects of the electronic chart and medication administration. There are layers of security and safeguards built into every medical documentation system with the end result being patient safety.

Workflows may need to change in the electronic world. Usually they are workflows that were shortcuts and potentially dangerous to the patient. Change is hard, but nothing gets better without change. It sounds cliche, but that does not make it wrong.