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computer nursing notes

by NursePeggy NursePeggy (New) New

We are going to start using hand held computers in about 6 to 8 weeks. Any one have any experience with this type of charting?

We're implementing HBOC's Documentation Plus system via laptops next week and will upgrade to their Pathways 2000 product next year. I have been heading the implementation project for our hospital based agency.

Which product are you implementing?

Feel free to e-mail me at srudd@zoomnet.net if you have questions.

Good luck with the transition to electronic patient records!

Thanks for your imput Sheila,

I am not sure what product the management team has picked out. They did says that it was initially designed by nurses. I'll let you know product's name when I find out.

We are also a hospital based home health.


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I would absolutely be delighted if my agency went to a computer based charting system! It would dramatically cut down on the time I spend on redundant paper work, and leg-work because of running out of blank materials. Let us know how it's going, will you?

I work in a hospital based HHC and we have had hand held ccomputers for over a year. We have the PtCT system. It has been a lot more time and work than what we originally thought but I really think the staff would hate to go back to paper even though these seem to take as much time some days or more. Any one else have any info. on this system?

To Nurse Peggy:

I am familiar with PTCT, and it takes some

commitment to learn, but once you do, you'll never want to go back to written documentation! There are systemic organized

documentation areas that you can chart if

unable to document the entire picture!! You will love it, but remember, in the beginning it will be frustrating, but stay with it!

If I can help or if you have more specific

questions, please let me know!!

we are using HBOC's Pathway app 2 months ago we started using laptop's to do our initial assessments. There have been a few problems but it is exciting. We are a beta site for the system so the product is still in development

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