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Complex assignments as a new grad and fear of doing something wrong

by Adrian007 Adrian007 (New) New Nurse

I've been working as a new grad in PCU and have been off orientation for 1.5 months. Lately I've had complicated assignments. Sunday I had to rapid response my patient, 4 days later I had to transfer another patient to ICU, and the same day my other patient that was stable all day started going downhill at change of shift. On top of that, I've already been trained to work in ICU and had my own assignment of 2 patients, AND I've already precepted 2 other new grads on orientation for a couple days (there are plenty of senior staff as I am the newest employee) which I'm not complaining because I can handle it, but sometimes I have the fear that I'm doing things horribly wrong and nobody is telling me otherwise. Aside from one situation of gossiping night staff about something I "didn't do", neither the charge nurse or manager confronted me on the situation and I haven't been spoken to about any mistakes thus far. So does my unit just suck, or would you usually be informed if you're doing something wrong?


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You'll find that in nursing, and probably every workplace, shifts like to talk smack about other shifts. As nurses we are perfectionists so it hits us harder than other shifts. If your management didn't talk to you then I would say not to worry too much about it. If it really bothers you then you can ask the night shift what they think you are doing wrong or where you can improve. Often they just talk smack to talk smack. Let it roll off you.