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Compassus Hospice anyone?


Any one here work for , or ever work for Compassus hospice?

I am a long term experienced hospice RN, and thinking about making a change and Hospice Compassus is large and national and I have been looking at their website for jobs.

The thing is, if I go on Indeed.com where you can check out reviews of employers , many of them are not so good, some are good, many are not for Compassus hospice.

I noticed that some of the job postings in a given city are the same positions, or the same positions disappear, then are re-posted again a short time later--makes me think they cannot keep people, makes one wonder why that is.

Any in put would be welcomed.

I want to move to a warmer climate (currently in Midwest) continue doing hospice nursing--at a good hospice, that treats their nurses well.

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