Compare BSN program work load?



I'm a Junior of a newer BSN program. My school is going through some growing pains as we are the first BSN class and the largest class they have ever had. (They just received University status)

I am hanging in there, doing well so far but I'm curious to see how the workload and flow of the courses stacks against other programs. I want to get a feel if we are in line with other BSN programs but just feeling the stress of the disorganization of the new program or if the amount of content itself is unreasonable due to the disorganization. Either way, feeling overwhelmed and our faculty is overwhelmed as well. It's not a good feeling, when you can see the panic in their eyes too. Ugh.

If any other Junior BSN student is up for comparing classes, schedules and workload expectations with me it would be much appreciated.

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If you wish to contact me via PM, I would be happy to keep the conversation more private. I'm looking to compare Junior year classes, calendar and testing schedule mainly.