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Community vs. University... Help?

by trueforever16 trueforever16 (New) New

I am a senior in high school (in Arizona) and I have been in AP my entire high school career. I took all honors my freshman and sophomore year, then moved to all AP for junior and senior year and I haven't had an unweighted GPA below 3.6 (that's my current GPA). I have been involved in academic clubs such as National Honors Society and everything else I can possibly do to get into college. With college approaching, I took all the standardized tests, and I got a 25 on my ACT the first time(not going to take it again) and up until recently I thought I had everything planned out. I've been dating my boyfriend for three years now and he is in the Army, each time he leaves to go to his duty station or to deploy it hurts more and more and I can't stand being apart much longer. We plan on getting married eventually and starting a family (I want a large family) after I finish whatever college I decide to do. My end goal is to become a pediatric nurse practitioner and I originally planned on attending the University of Arizona. Now I am leaning more toward Mesa Community College so that I can finish sooner and then transfer to an out of state school wherever he ends up being stationed after special forces training. Does anyone know the ups and downs of community college for nursing? Since I aim for a DNP would it be bad to start with an AAS then apply to an RN-BSN program elsewhere?

I know I want to be a nurse practitioner, I know I want to go to college I just don't know what will hurt me and what will help me. All advice is welcome...