Community Mental Health Nursing!!

Specialties Psychiatric


Please help. In the next few weeks, I will be interviewed for a Community Psychiatric Nursing post in the elderly. I could really use some advice of what sort of questions to expect. I would also like to know if there are websites on various mental health issues. Please feel free to email me or post your reply on this forum.

Many thanks

hi! i just want to wish u gudluck on ur interview. They may ask u typical questions like why you want to work there. Just answer thye questions as honestly and discreetly as you can. You wouldn't be in that position nyway if you didn't have the personality and character for it. Tell them how you value life at whatever angle, and how you dedicate your service to people of all ages. I believe they will hire you if they get to understand how much a dedicated person and a man of integrity you are than just learning you can answer much questions in theories and drug analysis of psych patients


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