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Community Health Diagnosis

JenHaz99 JenHaz99 (New) New

My Community Health group and I just finished up our windshield survey and community assessment. However, I'm having difficulty in formulating an appropriate community diagnosis and am looking for any help on that topic.

The top problems identified in our community are: 1) substance abuse among all ages of the community and 2) poverty.

Our book states that community diagnoses are designed in a "risk of" format, but the community isn't at "risk for" substance abuse or poverty, because there is already substance abuse / poverty..... I'm just really confused about this.

So you have identified the issues of substance abuse and poverty. What can these issues CAUSE? Those will be your "risk for" statements.

I'll get you started, poverty puts people at risk for malnourishment. Also, look back at Maslow's hierarchy of needs.... which of those may not be met on poverty?

Great start!