Community College or SFSU


Hello! So I've come at a crossroads between choosing going to community college, or SFSU with the intent on applying to their nursing program. I have already been admitted as an undergraduate freshman to SFSU and registered for classes that are general-ed and prerequisite courses for the Nursing program. I also don't need to take some general ed or can skip ahead to higher classes due to some AP credits from high school (yay no english for me!) plus I do not need to take remedials. I'm starting with some RED cross volunteering and I am bilingual. Given this, I feel like I am in a good place to get into the program with hard work and commitment.

However, I feel like I have not researched SFSU enough. For all you SFSU or SFSU nursing alumni, is the school worth it? I'm hearing mixed reviews about educational quality and the severity of impacted classes. Is going through with SFSU for the next four years worth it? Or should I go to community college first and then transfer? My second choice is CSULB for nursing. My only concern is that community college is very impacted as well, and I have not signed up for classes yet for fall 2014.

It is my dream to be a nurse! It's just that I am conflicted over which path to take.