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Community College of Denver preReqs courses

by Rudy1986 Rudy1986 (New) New

Hello All!

I was wondering if anyone has taken their prerequisites (anatomy 1 & 2 , microbiology, chemistry , etc) through Community College of Denver? I'll be apply to regis, metro and CU afterwards but was looking for some guidance. Thanks a lot!


Hi Rudy,

Community College of Denver has a number of students who complete their prerequisites at CCD. Students find that our tuition is lower than 4-year schools and find many times that our faculty is the same as at MSU or UCDenver while enjoying the benefits of the Auraria campus at a community college price. The state of Colorado also has a guaranteed transfer program for students who qualify. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime at ccd.edu/contact-us.