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This coming Monday is November 11th, Remembrance Day. In the US as well as Canada, people take time to remember those people who served in wartime and who gave their lives for their principles.

On Monday, I would like for all of you reading this to take time to remember not just the Americans who serve in wartime, but those who serve with them. The modern Canadian military serves as part of the UN Peacekeepers, and they proudly wear the Peacekeepers "blue beret". This past year, members of the Princess Patricia's Light Infantry (Edmonton, Alberta) "took off" their blue berets and served as part of "Operation Apollo" in Afghanistan.

This past year, members of "Princess Pat's" were killed by "friendly fire" from US pilots. Several of them were engaged to be married, one had just become a new father, most of them were in their early 20s. Several of the surviving "bombed" personnel will be crippled for life.

A terrible accident happened due to (as per US military and Canadian military investigations) pilot error. Terrible accidents happen in wartime, to our "own" and to our "friends".

This coming Monday, I would like for all of you reading this thread to remember these Canadian soldiers, their families, and their sacrifice. I'd like for you to remember the "others" who serve in liason with US troops. I'd like for you to honor them when you honor your own. After all, "united we stand".

Thank you.

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