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Can someone please provide info on nursing jobs in Columbus, OH.?



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Can you be more specific--what kind of info are you looking for? Are you new grad or experienced, do you want to know what the hospitals pay, are you interested in LTC or doctor's office? etc.


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I will be a new grad and I am looking at hospitals. I am interested in OSU medical center most of all. So, if you have insight about that hospital, or any others, I would appreciate the insight.

Also, if you could tell me a little something about Columbus, I would appreciate that as well.



Specializes in Acute care, Community Med, SANE, ASC. Has 8 years experience.

There are three main hospital systems in Columbus.

1) OSU. I don't know much about OSU other than the nurses are unionized.

2) OhioHealth system which includes the hospitals of Riverside, Grant and Dublin as well as Grady Memorial and some other entities.

3) Mount Carmel System which includes Mount Carmel East, Mount Carmel Medical Center (sometimes called Mount Carmel West), St. Ann's and New Albany Surgical Hospital.

Neither Mount Carmel or OhioHealth system are union. Starting pay for Mount Carmel and OhioHealth for a new grad should be around $22/hr, slightly more than that at OhioHealth--not sure about Mount Carmel.

Not sure what kind of nursing you are interested in. OSU and Grant are level 1 trauma centers. I believe Mount Carmel Medical Center is a level 2 and Riverside is a level 2. OSU, I believe, is known for transplant medicine and burn treatment. I believe all have pretty strong cardiac programs, orthopedics, etc. I believe benefits are pretty similar at Mount Carmel and OhioHealth, although OhioHealth has just made a major change in their insurance to only one insurance choice, which is a health care account sort of a thing. Sorry I don't know much about OSU--obviously it is a teaching hospital as it is connected with OSU med school and the nursing program at OSU.

Hope this helps a little.

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