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Columbia, SC Area Nurses

My husband is looking at a short (2-3 year) transfer to either the Columbus, GA area or the Columbia, SC area because of his work. I am a relatively new graduate nurse who works in the ER. Upon transferring I will have about 18mos experience (all in the ER).

What I am attempting to do is get some feedback/information on nursing in that area. If anyone is a nurse in the Columbia area and could give me any information on the job market, what hospitals are in the area, etc as well as any other information on the local area (nursing related or not) I would greatly appreciate it as we would obviously like to make as informed of a decision as possible.


Specializes in critical care, cardiology. Has 28 years experience.

There are 3 hospital systems in Columbia, with 4 large and 1 smaller hospital, as well as multiple offshoot clinics and off campus facilities. There is also a military hospital on nearby Fort Jackson, as well as a VA hospital in town. There are at least 4 ERs, with one,at least, being a Level 1 trauma center. I'm not sure what the other ER levels are. I have worked extensively at the Level 1, which is also a teaching hospital associated with the University of South Carolina.We have 3 heart centers within the hospitals.There are jobs here for nurses, as long as you aren't looking for an office job.

Columbia is an ok place to live. It's not far to the beach or the mountains. It isn't full of exciting things to do, but I like it. We have a nice zoo.Lots of places here to walk and bike. Lake Murray is nearby if you like water stuff.

I know a little about Columbus Ga, also,as my brother lives there. There are 2 or 3 local hospitals. I believe one is a cardiac center. My impression is that the hospitals there are smaller. Columbus is centered around Fort Benning, a large training post. I know very little about the nursing situation there.

I hope that helps, and good luck.:nurse:


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I'm a long time RN at Providence Hospital/Main (where some of the sickest cardiac patients are) in Columbia. I'm in the ER and love it! We do no peds unless its a cardiac/resp arrest, we do OB/GYN only long enough to ship 'em elsewhere and we have a great team! Innovative, smart and very fast paced folks! We can take a STEMI from triage to the Cath Lab 24/7 in less time than other places can get an EKG:) come join us....


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