Columbia ETP v. NYU 15-month accelerated 2010


I need advice!

I was accepted in February to the Columbia ETP program for PNP, and have now been accepted to the NYU 15 month accelerated program, and if I went there I would like to continue into the dual degree option (Does anyone know how hard that is to do?)

As far as I can tell, they're very similar programs in terms of size, cost, location, clinical sites, and school ranking (Columbia at 19, NYU at 26), but in terms of the actual programs and which school might serve me better, I'm not sure what to do.

I also have a few outside issues that make starting at Columbia in June difficult (I'm a current masters candidate elsewhere and have summer semester- my program is letting me finish through projects/correspondence, but it's not ideal for either one to be doing them concurrently), I also have a lease in LA thru August, have a few pre-req things to finish out that are pushing the June deadline, and didn't receive on-campus housing for Columbia during the summer.

I did receive NYU housing and since it starts in the fall, the timing/pre-req issues are taken care of, which makes it appealing.

I guess my real questions are why should I go to Columbia over NYU? What would I be missing out on at Columbia if I chose NYU? What are the strengths of the programs over one another (if I plan apply to the dual degree program at NYU)?

Giving up Columbia because of timing seems silly, but maybe I just think Columbia is better because of the name? I've heard they have had some nursing school issue recently, but I don't know what they are. Also, the newness of the NYU program makes me somewhat nervous.

Thoughts on NYU v. Columbia nursing?

Thanks!! And good luck to everyone still waiting to hear/decide


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I personally had to make the same call you're making right now and I ended up choosing Columbia.

They're both great programs, I know grads from each and they all had positive things to say about the programs overall. I spoke at length with grads from both and ultimately concluded I'd be content at either. my rationale came down to a few things:

1) Columbia is cheaper -- the sticker price on both schools is about the same -- but Columbia gives virtually everyone a $22,667 scholarship for undergrad and then another ~$11,000 for grad school. The only way you don't get these is if your EFC on fafsa is above the cost of the unless your Scrooge McDuck you're basically getting that money :) I know both schools are preposterously expensive, but 22K is 22K less in loans for what I personally consider to be comparable schools. I'd jump through a lot of hoops for $22,000 -- honestly this alone makes the choice seem pretty straight forward in my book =)

2) Columbia is shorter - 12 months vs. about 15. I take this as a + but certainly see where it could be a negative for some. Since the program is 3 months shorter and starts earlier it means you're out pulling down a salary sooner -- job market willing. This was a big positive for me due to my personal situation - living in the city is not cheap and essentially cutting out half a calendar year of "nonworking" time substantially eases my debt burden.

We all weigh factors differently, as my thoughts above demonstrate cost appears to have driven me :) It sounds like you'd have to jump through many hoops to attend Columbia whereas NYU falls into place nicely -- a tough call! Good luck in figuring it all out and maybe we'll be classmates come June =)


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I was recently accepted to NYU too. As far as the dual degree program goes, you just have to fill out some paperwork after your first semester... and as long as you have a gpa of 3.0, you can progress into that program.


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Which dual degree are you interested in? If it's public health I would go to Columbia, hands down. The faculty at Mailman is amazing and extremely supportive of nursing students. It's a large program and the school has a big endowment so they are able to offer a really wide range of classes. If you didn't apply to the dual degree program when you did your ETP you will have to submit an application but the should take your GREs and things like that from your ETP app.


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I currently am @ NYU- finishing up my last half of the program for the 15-Month accel. Program.. The program is excellent. The skills we learn are all practiced during our rotations. The professors are exceptional-- they listen to the student's concerns and are here for us and provide an environment conducive to a positive learning experience.. I have had great clinical instructors who did get their NP/MS from NYU and found it to be a great program overall.. I have my MPH and returned to school in hopes of getting my NP-- looking back I realized that it is very important to judge the school based not on its "rank", but on the faculty and how they treat their students and here at NYU the faculty and staff are here for the students!


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Thanks so much for everyone's advice- I decided to go with NYU for a number of reasons including financial aid, timing, location, etc.

I really appreciate everyone's input, and I can't wait to meet you NYUers in the fall!