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  1. Hey all you Colorado nurses...I previously posted about Regis University, but I've also been looking into UNCO's traditional BSN as well. Do any of you have any advice or insights in the program? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   luv l&d
    Look very carefully at the numbers they say they are going let into their program and what their freshman class acceptance really is. Heard from DD that they had 45 spots (for actual upper level classes) and accepted 180 freshman. would be very interested if this is true
  4. by   kc ccurn
    I graduated from UNC's traditional BSN program. I thought it was an excellent program, the instructors are great, very helpful. I would highly recommend it. At the time I graduated, UNC had a 96% pass rate-96% of the students that took boards passed. I think you can check the colorado BON website and they can tell you what different universiity's pass rate is/was.

    Greeley has a small town feel to it although it has grown quite a bit. We did our clinical rotations in Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Denver, Brighton so there is some commuting for clinicals (don't know if it is still that way but I would imagine so) Commuting wasn't too bad though because you could car pool and quiz each other on the way to clinicals, and decompress afterwards on the way home. I loved it!

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about UNC, I'll be glad to help if I can.