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  1. by   Calinurse2012
    Well if it makes you feel any better, as far as I can tell there are complications for a lot of people, even those who are not endorsing. Seems like they have been having problems even getting a date to take the test. Maybe the program will take these efforts into consideration. Have you tried contacting them to explain what's going on?
  2. by   NewGradNurse2012
    I called them this morning, and I'm working on it with them, but they said the chances for wiggle room are slim. If the license is not posted on DORA before the orientation then you can't start the program. If they get enough calls/emails from people, hopefully they'll budge. If not, maybe everyone who is concerned about the deadline should unite to see if we can come to an agreement with UCH.
  3. by   NewGradNurse2012
    Calinurse, when were you planning in moving?
  4. by   Calinurse2012
    Well, I was planning on leaving CA on the 9th to arrive on the 11th. But this license thing has me freaked out a bit now.
  5. by   NewGradNurse2012
    Yeah, sorry about that. It sounds like you turned your things a week earlier, and I feel as if I had one more week then things would be okay.

    You can always call the HR person you've been in contact with to make sure/ check next week on the CO status update to see what's going on. Have you already done the online health professional thing?
  6. by   newgradsd
    I am not endorsing but I'm having some issues regarding getting my license on time as well. I am still waiting for my Colorado ATT. I was already authorized to take the California exam and was scheduled to take it, however, the HR representative strongly recommended that I directly apply for the Colorado exam. My application was received on June 18th and up until now, no one is assigned to process my application. They said it would take at least 3 weeks to get my ATT but I don't know how long it would take to get my license number after I take the NCLEX. I AM STRESSED -__-
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  7. by   newgradsd
    P.S. The license specialist of CO Board of Nursing said that they don't have a walk through process. But if you go there directly to turn in your papers, it can save a couple of days from mail sorting. Hope that helps.
  8. by   NewGradNurse2012
    Hey newgradsd - sorry about your dilemmas too! I would keep calling the CO BRN and see if you can talk to the supervisor about speeding it up. And ask them how long it will take to get your RN# after the test.

    Looks like we're all stressing together!

    For any future nursing students/ new grads who plan on applying to an out of state program (that's not within your home, specifically applies to non-compact states to campact states):
    Send your licensure application to the BRNs in which you want to practice/ get into a residency program. For example, I should've sent in an application for both CA and CO at the same time. Then by the time I get my ATTs (authorization to test) from both states, I should know whether or not I got into the programs I wanted and sign up for the NCLEX accordingly. That way, you're not crunched for time. Endorsements takes weeks. Licensure takes weeks. If I had done this in the beginning, I wouldn't be so stressed now.

    Good luck everyone! I'm sending out positive thoughts to the universe!
  9. by   newgradsd
    Hahaha I have been calling them everyday for the past week and a half to the point where I recognize all their voices and memorized their names already! They all keep saying the same thing, that due to the high volume of applicants (graduation season), they are behind in processing applications. They can't tell how long it would take to get my license# either. They keep passing me to the license specialist's line but only to leave voice messages. She hasn't really returned my calls. I understand though. I'd rather have her work on the applications than use up a lot of time calling people back. But yeah. We're definitely stressing together!

    Good luck to all of us and hope we make it in time!
  10. by   NewGradNurse2012
    I'm still waiting on my endorsement. When I called the supervisor/ license specialist, they simply say that "The application says not to make any life changing decisions." And when I ask her if I'll get my endorsement by July 20th she states, "It is on my desk and will be processed in the order received."

    Hope everyone else is having better luck out there!
  11. by   newgradsd
    I spoke to my licensing specialist on Monday. As we spoke, she pulled out my application and said that she would be able to review and approve it within a day or two. At 2 pm three days later (Wednesday was a holiday), after not getting my ATT still, I left her a voicemail, and within an hour, I received my ATT. I took my test today...praying to God I passed.

    I kept calling and leaving her voice mail for the past 2-3 weeks. Maybe you can do the same with your licensing specialist? But then again, maybe it depends on the person. My licensing specialist seemed really nice.

    I hope we both get our licenses on time! The HR representative told me that in the event that they are unable to verify my license by July 16th, they will have to rescind. Good luck and hope you get your endorsement soon!
  12. by   NewGradNurse2012
    Hey newgradsd! Thanks for the info! Do you mind if you share the name of your license specialist? Maybe I can talk to her...

    86% of new grad nurses pass the first time around!!! I think you'll be fine. =)

    I know the documents said July 16, but when I had emailed, the impression I got was as long as it gets verified before the start date of July 23rd (so absolutely last day is July 20)... I will email again to verify.

    Good luck!
  13. by   newgradsd
    Hi NewGradNurse2012!
    The way it was explained to me, applications are assigned to licensing specialists based on the applicants' last names (alphabetically categorized). So I am not sure if a licensing specialist is able to pull out an application from someone else. On a more positive note, since your application is already on your licensing specialist's desk, she should be able to work on it soon. When I talked to my licensing specialist last week, she said, "I now have your application in my office. I should be able to review and approve it if there's nothing missing." Maybe you can leave your specialist another voicemail and apologize for the repeated follow-up and explain how important this is to you due to your deadline. There is nothing to lose if you try. I'm crossing my fingers for you! Hope everything works out!!!

    P.S. I passed the NCLEX! Now waiting for my name to get on the BRN website. *Sigh*