UC Denver June 2017 cohort

  1. Anyone here applying? I submitted my application about a week ago and just waiting for all my transcripts to go through. It's going to be so hard waiting a month+ to hear anything back.
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  3. by   oceanblue52
    Good luck to you guys! I graduated from there and am pretty happy with the education. I am not always on, but please feel free to PM me with questions
  4. by   neens
    Hi Oceanblue,
    I would love to chat with you! I applied for the summer 2016 cohort, but was not accepted, I just had too many unfinished pre reqs! Applied again for summer 2017. I would love to hear more about the program, specifically the schedule. We are having a baby girl in November and I am planning for childcare. Would you say that it is 6 full time semesters? I know they talked about front loading classes in the beginning of month, but I'd like to get a better idea of what my schedule could look like (if I get in!)
    Thank so much!
  5. by   meggy27
    Anyone have a clue when we may get notified about interviews? I'm nervous!
  6. by   nakademy
    agreed! Haven't heard anything yet, but it looks like looking at last year's forum they didn't hear up until November 2nd...we might have another two weeks or so of waiting!
  7. by   yodapup
    Yeah I am hoping we will hear about interviews in a week or two. Searching these forums, it looks like they're group interviews?
  8. by   meggy27
    So apparently we are supposed to get emails tomorrow regarding interview invite status.
    I got a phone call a wee bit ago asking whether or not I was going to finish my degree in may (because the prerequisites are different if you have a degree or not) so I'm hoping that's a good sign? I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Good luck everyone!
  9. by   ser1290
    Thanks for the update Meggy! Have you heard anything? How did you hear that today is the day?
  10. by   ANNAREESE
    I received an email last night at 5:20pm asking for clarification about an English course.
    I was hoping to get an email today! I was happy that the first thing I heard was not a rejection email haha!
  11. by   meggy27
    When the lady called me I asked when we would get the email. She said 'hopefully by tomorrow night'! So hopefully tonight, if not Monday I presume
  12. by   ANNAREESE
    Cool I'll just keep checking my phone every 7 seconds.
    Haha it sounds like they have the admissions people working late...I was so surprised to get an email after 5pm! I hope someone is giving them coffee and keeping them happy....
  13. by   meggy27
    Yeah from what I know last year they sent out emails at around 11 pm... guess I won't sleep tonight
  14. by   ANNAREESE
    Lol right. Are you a DU student rn?