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  1. hi there. i currently live in henderson nv (outside of las vegas.) i work in an imc-intermediate care unit or step down- cardiac unit. i was wondering if they use the term "imc" in denver? also, which hospitals do you recommend? what are the nurse to pt ratios? what are the hourly rates and shift differentials? is there much room for over time? do they have weekend rn's or weekend programs? is there relocation assistance or sign on bonuses? currently i work with 1 rn to 4 pt's with 1 cna for 34 pts. there isn't much help from the aide where i work. i currently make about 32$/hr. we get another raise in november 3% (total 7% this year). i have 6 years experience and am 29 years old. i am seriously considering moving to the area and might try icu. what is the critical care classes/education like? which hospitals are teaching hospitals? do the hospitals make you commit to a time span at the hospital if they educate you for critical care?. currently the hosp. i work for makes you sign a promisary note and you have to pay the hosp. back if you don't commit/fulfil to the hosp for 2 years after your education. thanks for your time reading this- i know i have a lot of questions. any help at all is appreciated -srenn
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    I can't answer all of your questions...I share a few of them myself! I have been toying with the idea of going back to work since I've had a baby. I have worked in cardiac step-down as well. I'm not quite sure what the lingo is out here in CO, since I haven't worked here yet .

    I have a friend that works at U of Colorado Hospital in Denver. She is working in the cardiac unit, and participated in an internship right after she was hired. She did sign something that said she had to work there for a minimum of 2 years. I have no idea how much she makes, though.

    In my web surfing for jobs, I have found that Exempla Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette, CO has a critical care internship. http://www.exemplajobs.org/ has more info and contact persons.

    As for wages, I checked out www.salary.com

    I actually have an interview next week at a hospital in Boulder, and I'm trying to decide how much to ask for wages!

    Good luck to you .