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    I have a question that I hope can be answered for me. I'm in a BSN program at the moment and have completed my first year. I want to take the LPN exam but was told at the beginning of my BSN program that I couldn't because the program wasn't set up like this. The school said that I had to be in a one and one program in order to first take the LPN exam, then later the RN exam.
    My question is, are there ways around this rule? Can I challenge the exam anyway since I completed the first year of nursing and have had med-surg and other clinical classes? I have tried to contact the CO state nursing board but couldn't get through. I left a message and am awaiting a reply from them. Mean while, being the impatient type.......I was hoping one of my nursing colleagues out there, having pondered, confronted, frustrated over, or hopefully solved this problem and has some good or bad news for me pertaining to my dilemma. Thanks ahead of time for any info regarding this topic.
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  3. by   RNnewgrad
    Get on dora (colorado state nursing board) and look up the lpn requirements. If you meet the requirements set up by the state, you can test. i believe they are 350 clinical hours and graduation from an accredited PN program proven with transcripts (maybe the graduation part is negociable?!?)