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  1. Hi everyone! I currently work as a pediatric private duty nurse in Denver and have for a little over a year. My husband and I moved here for his job, and I was (essentially) a new grad at that time with very little experience. I couldn't get into a nurse residency program and definitely couldn't find a job at a hospital, so I took the PDN job. After getting my year of experience, I started applying for other jobs in the area. So far I've applied to about 5 different jobs that don't specify "acute care" experience, and they've all rejected me without even an interview. It hasn't been that long since my one year mark and since I began applying for new jobs, but I'm starting to feel really discouraged!

    I was wondering if anyone had any insight into this, like what recruiters might be looking for in someone like me. I've had some great advice from a connection here but would still love to get others' perspectives. At this point, I'm definitely not picky about the jobs I'm applying for, but I have stuck mostly to pediatrics just because that's what my experience is in. Any advice? What areas/units/facilities should I be looking at? I've enjoyed my PDN job but would love to have more team interaction (PDN can be isolating) and get some more experience under my belt in a different setting. Thanks so much!
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