Parking at ucdhsc

  1. I went down to ucdhsc yesterday to turn in some forms and check out the area. Parked in a 2 hr zone. That is not going to work once classes start in June; I'll need an all day spot. I am hoping that someone out there has some suggestions on which streets offer all day parking and how far away they are. I'm on the waitlist for a permit but that could be a year. Any help is appreciated.
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  3. by   michellemybelle
    I'm on the parking waiting list too, but when I called, the parking office clerk told me that the waiting list could be less than a year, simply because people are graduating in May. Another really good resource is the Student Assistance Office; they are really quick to respond, especially through e-mails.

  4. by   innovativemurse
    If you don't mind walking there are neighborhoods on 14th, 13th, and 12th that start roughly around Birch ave where you can park all day. There is a park with a baseball field and tennis courts on 12th and usually you will have to go a few blocks past that, however you will definitely find a spot...just watch out for street cleaning day. That area is fairly safe and many students park over there. There is also all day parking on 8th if you go up the neighborhood past Starbucks on the corner of Colorado, or the other direction past campus about 5 or so blocks.
  5. by   BensMom
    Thanks for the suggestions. I rarely go downtown and usually am completley lost when I do go. I'm sure after a few weeks it will be a piece of cake but right now I'm more nervous about parking than about classes.