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Hi everyone! I am applying to UCDenver traditional bsn program and am stuck on my essay questions :confused: I would really appreciate if anyone who has been accepted to the bsn program could help... Read More

  1. by   AllisonKateLPN
    Hi! For those who said they got into CU with a low gpa- can I ask what those gpas were? Cumulative and pre-reqs.

    I am applying for summer 2013 and I have the classic "i just didnt try hard my freshman year". I have a 3.4 cumulative and only a 3.11 for my pre reqs :/ any adivce or anyone else that has gotten in with those kinds of grades?

    Thank you so much and congrats to all who have gotten into the program!
  2. by   jojo89
    Hi Allison,
    My cumulative gpa was 3.25 and I think my prereq was a 3.7.
    I applied once in the summer and didn't get in, I reapplied in the fall and got in for the summer start program. I think that the essay is really important so I would spend alot of time on it! Good luck!
  3. by   AllisonKateLPN
    Thank you! Do you know anyone who has had a pre req gpa around the same as mine?
    I really want to get into the program and am worried that even if my essay is good that I wont get it :/
  4. by   AllisonKateLPN
    Hi lkk0718,
    do mind if I ask what your Prereq gpa was?
  5. by   jojo89
    I don't know many people in the program but i think most people with low gpas have a pretty high prereq but low cumulative
  6. by   lkk0718
    My prereq GPA was 4.0. My previous bachelor's was 2.87. I know that they look heavily at your pre-req GPA. I'm finishing up my first semester at CU. I'm taking pathophysiology, pharmacology, and nursing fundamentals. Patho and pham reference A&P, Micro, and Chem a lot. They throw a lot of material at you to learn each class and keeping up with it is a challenge.
  7. by   lolads85
    I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd post anyway to see if anyone replies!

    I am applying for the accelerated January 2014 start. I have a 3.8 gpa in my science pre reqs but got a C+ in statistics, ugh!

    Does anyone know if schools in Colorado focus on stats? Debating taking it again but nearly ceremoniously burned my book after I took my 27 (yes 27) page final exam!

  8. by   lkk0718
    I've finished my first year at CU. I've taken a nursing research class that references statistics but didn't actually use it for calculations. You have to be able to read research articles and decipher the statistical results. If you've got the time and the money, I don't think it would hurt to take it statistics again. Every edge helps to get in. I took it online (I know it sounds crazy) but it was pretty easy.
  9. by   asthecrowflies
    lolads85, i thought they were doing away with the january start in 2014? the website makes it look like both traditional and accelerated will only be starting in june from here out...
  10. by   PaytonJane
    CU is very research focused. My assumption is that stats is just as important as the other prereqs in your admission.
  11. by   singerchick123

    Did you get in? Im currently writing my essay for the UCD nursing program as well. I have a 3.4 GPA but im having such a writers block its terrible! Im just worried I wont stand out enough! These are my questions to answer. Do you have an writing tips?

    - (A) Describe your perceptions and attitude about nursing today. In your answer, identify current information about the field of nursing including the demands, expectations and career options.

    - (B) What do you believe are the demands of a nursing education and how have you prepared to make this significant change to your current situation?

    - (C) Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the University learning community in terms of diversity, or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you
  12. by   hsant
    hey guys, how's it going with your cu application?