Most "incentive-oriented" Denver facility?

  1. Hello all,
    New forum member here needing a little directional assistance.
    Since Nov. 3rd, I've spent the better part of the last 3 days formulating, faxing, and emailing my resume to a myriad of Denver area facilities. Also, I've read dozens of posts on this site to prepare myself for the rigors of the interview process and eventual position selection. If I were to create a wish list of incentive factors (compensation factors) which appeal to me most I would have to include the following in such a list:
    *best base wage? (Med.-Surg / Tele. RN)
    *weekend shift incentive (who has 'em?)
    *overtime @ double-time (rather than time and half)
    *highest tuition reimbursment
    *highest sign-on bonus
    *highest referral bonus
    *best (lowest) matrix ratio (ie; RN to patient ratio)across all specialties.

    *shift diff.? (if so, fixed value, or base-wage %) highest known.
    (I've grown accustomed to 13% night-shift diff.).

    As a recent transplantee from Phx.,Az., Nov.1), I'm in
    desperate need of some insight regarding locating a facility which might best facilitate my wish list. I know it's a monumental expectation to expect all points be met by a single
    facility, but I suspect the members of this forum might suggest one or two offering the best package for the underinforme(me). I thank you for any advice you might offer.
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  3. by   mbw5680
    I'm only a nursing student, but everyone I've spoken to in the field says that Kaiser Permanente is the best place to work. (Another rumor--new grads start at $30/hour, shifts are M-F 8-5.) Of course, Kaiser doesn't have any hospitals in Colorado, only clinics.
  4. by   Melina
    Kaiser has affiliations with several hospital facilities out here: Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital, Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center, and The Children's Hospital
    There is more info on the Nursing Pathways website for Kaiser.